Please Read and do the following

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1. Use the following notes to guide your reading:

    • Sacraments- focus on analogy in the first 4
      • Birth – Baptism
      • Growth – Confirmation
      • Food – Eucharist
      • Healing – Penance
      • Common good of Church – Marriage and Holy Orders
    • Eternal Life
      • 7 gifts
        • 3 of soul: vision, comprehension (others delight), enjoyment of God
        • 4 of body: impassibility; brilliancy/clarity, agility, subtility

After reading, choose one of the headings above (sacraments or eternal life) and expand the notes into a description of what Thomas says, based upon your understanding of the text. This description will be your initial post. Note that although each student only has to write about one subject (sacraments or eternal life), all students will be expect to know in general what Thomas says about both topics in the reading.

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