PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDATIONS TO UPDATE THE DISCUSSION BELOW: Address the following: 1, In your discussion of the required elements, assess the effectiveness of a knowledge management strat

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Address the following:

1, In your discussion of the required elements, assess the effectiveness of a knowledge management strategy  to enhance the company’s organizational knowledge both in relation to its domestic and international customer relationships in Japan and South Korea.

2. Reflect on our discussion in week three relating to the building of trust and how cultural values and the development of personal relationships affect trust and loyalty.

What are the major variables affecting consumer behavior in Japan and South Korea? Without critical consumer information, and the subsequent development of organizational tacit knowledge, it would be difficult for the company to develop consumer loyalty, trust, and satisfaction.

3. Therefore, how can the company capture critical information relative to consumer attitude, behavior, and preferences, changing demographic trends, family networks and main care providers for the elderly, and vital customers such as hospitals, nursing homes. Rehabilitation centers and senior living facilities?

Please utilize my comments to enhance your contribution to brainstorming  discussion and revise the initial draft of your presentation..

  • What does EC want from its customer relationships?
  • How can EC make the most of its US long-distance customers?


Executive Summary

Benefits of Customer Relations

The benefit of customer relationship management is that it improves relationships with customers. It helps to manage the contacts of the business and store any information about them, including their demographic history, purchase details, and previous communication with the customer. The benefits include customer relations and relations. This is one of the main benefits of customer relations management that EC will benefit from. This is because the system will manage all the customer contacts and any vital information, which is an essential factor that will increase customer satisfaction in the business and increase the retention of customers (Waypathconsulting, 2021).

Excellent customer service will lead to increased customer loyalty for the organization, and, in the case of high turnover, it can influence the business’s reputation. The benefit of proper customer relations management is that it can track the consumers’ behavior and provide analysis of the consumer (Waypathconsulting, 2021). This will be an excellent way to address issues that consumers suffer from in their day-to-day interaction with the business.

The use of proper customer management will increase the sales of the business. When the customer relationship with the business is good, this will mean that the company will make more sales since most of the customers will keep coming back to make more transactions. The customer relationship management will be able to facilitate sales pipeline facilitation, which will streamline the sales in the business and store the information in a centralized place (Waypathconsulting, 2021). This also sets us up a process by which employees in the company can adapt to consumer needs.

The benefits of customer relations management that EC will have are that the company will also have an increased analytic process for understanding customer behaviors. The data collected from consumers is used to analyze the customer in terms of their preferences and purchase behaviors. Proper customer relations will also increase the productivity of the company because it will focus the employees on human relations.

Cultural Barriers to Communication and Ways to overcome them

Some of the cultural barriers to communication include language. This is a common challenge in communication with different cultures, and it can cause misunderstandings due to miscommunication. Another barrier is stereotypes about other cultures, which may lead to judgmental attitudes among the team members, disrupting the communication process. Different cultures have different signs and symbols as a part of their culture, and nonverbal communication is relied upon in communication, leading to a misunderstanding of information (EURAC, 2022).

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is essential, especially when performing virtual meetings and communicating across different cultures. The central importance of being culturally sensitive is that it will make the team members global citizens. Cultural awareness will make the team better. The members break down the cultural barrier during the meeting, which will, in turn, build a culture. Bridging the barrier will allow the team members to embrace their differences. Another importance of culture is awareness which will help the team develop a homogeneous environment for working. This is by making the team understand how differences in culture can affect the working environment.

Language and Cultural context to Customer Relations

In the sense of globalization of business, the cultural context must be taken into consideration. The more the company grows, the more the global market will grow, and it will be necessary for the company to invest in a multi-cultural team. Culture entails the ideas, customs, and social behavior of the intended market and focuses on the intended market’s language. EC can send a team to study the intended market. Recognizing the cultural differences is essential, and this will ensure that the business will present itself to the new market in the best possible way (Twose, 2019). This can be achieved by proper communication strategies that are comfortable with the intended markets, training the team in communication etiquette that is comfortable with the intended market, and using adequate translation to communicate with the intended market.

Techniques to Maximize International Customer Relations

The company can make the most of land distance through communication. Communication is the key to making customers happy. The fact that communication is accessible and responsive means that they should be committed to maintaining the relationship between the company and its customers. EC can incorporate digital tools such as making phone calls, sending emails and instant messages to the consumers from their global operation, and scheduling online meetings to enable more communication between consumers and the company (Gunasekar, 2018).

The company can use this strategy to maximize long-distance customer relations by preparing catch-up sessions with consumers to strengthen the bond between the consumer and the company, which can be facilitated by customer relationship management. EC can also maximize the international relationship with customers by collecting consumers’ feedback and details about issues they may be facing and finding a way to solve them.

Steps to help with Customer Relations

The first technique to building customer relations is by creating a connection with the consumers, and this can be done by the company working to find out what they can do for the consumer. It will enable EC to understand and help the consumers get better services. The second technique is by creating trust with the consumer, which is essential (Judith, 2021). The company should be honest and take the situation with grace to develop confidence in the consumer. The third technique is by creating responsiveness, and this can be done by responding to the client’s emails and sorting out consumer problems.


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