Please write a four page essay on any interest group of your choosing In relations to American government please

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Please write a four page essay on any interest group of your choosing.

The essay must:

  1. Explain the mission and goals of the interest group.
  2. Explain the methods the interest group uses to fund raise.
  3. Explain the methods they employ to influence policy i.e. lobbying, donating to politicians, running advertisements, organizing protests etc. A strong essay will incorporate various examples from the research you have done.
  4. Briefly opine, in a closing paragraph, as to whether you believe the interest group is achieving its mission.

VERY IMPORTANT: This is not a policy or opinion assignment. If you choose the NRA it should NOT at any point entail a discussion about whether you approve of gun ownership or don’t. In addition, this is NOT a history paper. The substance of this paper should entail primarily an illustration of how the group raises funds and uses them to influence policy. It should entail a broad discussion of the methods employed to influence policy. That should be the meat and potatoes of this four page essay. If you waste time discussing the history of the group or you opine about policy it will negatively affect your grade.

The essay must incorporate at least four different citations.

Reminder: Do not violate the school’s scholastic dishonesty policies! Plagiarism- the unacknowledged us of the written work of another person- will not be tolerated! Do not put this assignment off to the last minute and make the mistake of plagiarizing someone else’s work. I will do anything I can to guide you through the essay development process but I will not tolerate plagiarism.

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