Please write a progress assignment

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The organization name: The Trail Shop

Our group research their company for internal and external part, I will also upload the final report to you. This assignment is a progress assignment include:

1.discuss your information and data requirements from the organization (look ahead to the topics and models to be discussed in the course as a guide);

2.provide the schedule of meeting for the term from Jan to April (both group-only and with the organization) because we plan to make an appointment to interview the supervisor to learn about more internal data, such as Black Friday sale;

Guide: Course–Strategic Management builds upon Course – Competitive Strategy through its focus on the implementation of strategy. Specific topics include: the management of strategy and organization structure, leadership, organizational culture,

and large-scale organizational change. Students are exposed to a wide variety of organizations through case discussions, a case assignment, and a final case examination. In addition, students have the opportunity to continue the detailed study of a partner organization through the group project that began in Course – Competitive Strategy.

Please help me write 2 paragraph using single space thanks.

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