Please write short paragraphs to answer each of the following question

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For each questions, you need to write a short paragraphs (150-200 words) to answer each of the questions. I’ve posted three slides that might help you to understand better on questions. Since questions are mostly asking for subjective answers, you do’t have to read all the slides. Thank you.

1. Rather than our culture where we fall in love and then get married, imagine a culture where you get married and then fall in love. What kinds of advantages or disadvantages would you see? Would you prefer that kind of culture? Would the marriages be more or less successful than many in our culture?

2. Explain how the dependent and independent variables work in a social science experiment or explanation.

3.How much of your own self-concept is based on the perceptions of other people? How conscious are you of other peoples’s thoughts and feelings? How much do you worry about what other people think? Why is it so hard for some of us to disregard -not be affected by- what other people think?

4. People tend to judge other cultures by the merits of their own culture..practicing ethnocentrism, not cultural relativism. Are there any limits to their merits? Are all cultural values and practices equally valid? Are there practices in other countries that cross the line? What should be the response if the line is crossed?

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