pol 111 3 page paper

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write minimum 900 words based on the instructions below (1 page for each bullet)

To Review or Not to Review?

[WLOs: 5, 6, 7] [CLO:5]

Purpose: The primary goal of this weekly summative assignment is to explore and analyze some of the major politically influenced processes and activities of the U.S. government.

Prepare: read through the web page Supreme Court Landmarks (Links to an external site.).

Reflect: One of the most essential characteristics of the U.S. government is the ability of the judicial branch to conduct reviews of laws, policies, and legislation at all levels. Judicial reviews have had an enormous impact on the history of this nation and on many other nations that have allowed this process to occur unimpeded. The impact of Marbury v. Madison (1803), the first judicial review conducted by the U.S. Supreme Court, still resonates throughout the United States and the world. Understanding how judicial review can affect a country is essential to understanding this core political feature of government.

Write: In your essay of at least three pages, you will first visit this web page from the federal government, Supreme Course Landmarks (Links to an external site.), and pick one landmark judicial review case. Then, you will address the following.:

  • Discuss the major political issues surrounding the case (1 page).
  • Explain why the issue ended up being reviewed for its constitutionality (1 page).
  • Assess whether judicial review should be used more often and the reasons behind your rationale (1 page).

The To Review or Not to Review? paper


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