Policy Brief

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tage 4:  Policy Brief- due Week 8.

  • First, read this helpful background paper that explains the nature of a policy brief and how to write one effectively.  Please note, however, that this is an academic assignment.  While the guidelines in the background paper suggest that most executives and policymakers prefer limited documentation, an academic assignment needs to be fully and accurately cited.
  • Papers should include 6-8 pages of content (1750-2500 words).  The title, abstract and reference pages do not count toward that total.
  • Papers should be double-spaced, with standard 1-inch margins and a standard 12 point font and there should be no additional spacing between paragraphs.  Avoid excessive subheadings.
  • You may use either APA or Chicago Turabian, as long as you use parenthetical citation (author year, page #), rather than footnotes.  See the sections below for information on source selection, and proper use of materials.

helpful background paper (http://www.policy.hu/ipf/fel-pubs/samples/PolicyBrief-described.pdf)

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