Population Health Question

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17. The impact of technology can be significant. Please review one area that technology provides an impact by describing the impact, its result and an example.

18. Provide a description of clinical information, administrative information and decision support information in healthcare (three descriptions)

19. What is CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)? Why was it created, who does it cover and what type of an impact has it made with children and their insurance coverage?

20. Please describe bundled “package” payments and bundled payments designed for a single episode of care.

21. What is Medicare Part C? What services does it cover?

22. What are the differences between the retrospective and prospective methods of reimbursement? Please list and describe two differences.

23. What is a critical access hospital? Who does it serve? How does their reimbursement differ?

24. Please describe the Hill-Burton Act and what it provided? What did this Act require?

25. What is a medically underserved area? What is a safety net designed to assist medically underserved areas? Is this solution successful? Why or Why not?

Answering these questions from chapter 3-4 from the book that i will aor use another resource but it should be correct


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