presentations in power point no more then 5 min

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The results of the midterm elections will have a positive impact on healthcare system the focus on the positive impact on the patients

For example to build the power point:

Without debate, healthcare delivery system and access to it is one of the most important issues affecting electors in the United States. Because it directly affects citizens’ decision and those who are interested in improving the healthcare delivery system and having high-quality services, and it is not different from the impact of creating more jobs, education or Tax issues. However, one of the areas that will be affected is the Affordable Care Act or Obama healthcare.

In 2017, the Congress which is controlled by Republicans tried to cancel the Affordable Care Act and replace it with universal health care. However, it did not happend.

So, After the mid-term elections, the outcome puts Democrats in control of the House, one of the decision – making in the USA. Having won this increases their chances of being in charge of mistake, and they will move from defending to improve and prove the success of ACA.


They will create a balance in political control and will support the current affordable healthcare system which was signed by Obama.

So, the keeping of the current system is the closest option, and it is going be helpful to consumers because the most important step in developing medical services is the stability of the healthcare system. All politicals will work to develop this system, which will positively affect the American citizen. Also, low-income individuals, people will be in a position to access health care coverage as they have ACA.

In conclusion, the healthcare sector is a sensitive sector which affects the lives of the citizen completely, so it must be far away from the politicians who have other opinions that may harm the people.

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