Progress, Pain for Vikings Stadium in 2015 -D3

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The article under required readings entitled “Progress, Pain for
Vikings Stadium in 2015” describes the construction progress of the U.S.
Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota as of a point in time. One of
the items highlighted in the article is the cost—there were some
staggering numbers cited by the author in terms of cost overruns! For
example, the author states in one year, the project costs had increased
by $65 million for a total cost increase from $1.026 billion to $1.091
billion. Since there are public monies being utilized for approximately
half of the cost of the facility, there is an entity overseeing the
construction on behalf of the public.

The board of this entity approved budget increases at 10 out of 12
meetings in a 12-month span of time. The remaining cost is being funded
by the NFL franchise, the Minnesota Vikings. Even though the Minnesota
Vikings have absorbed a large amount of the cost overruns, it is likely
possible that state and city taxpayers are concerned that such a large
project with a relatively short construction window (31 months) given
its size could have been under-budgeted to this degree.

This is a commonly debated issue in the media, so whether you are a
sports fan/music lover/theater buff/monster truck-motocross muddy fan,
it’s your turn to weigh in!

Debate for
one side or the other…

Does the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (and
any other jurisdiction’s construction oversight organization) have an
ethical obligation to the taxpayers to keep the project on budget even
if it means that the brand new publicly funded entertainment facility
that would last 15-20 years have to go without or have lesser quality
features, or should they strive for world class status with the
anticipation of those features attracting larger and better future
events to stimulate the local economy regardless of the current costs?

Your document should be 400-500 words. Please don’t forget references.

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