Project Assessment and Selection

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Using the Internet for your research, answer the following exercise. Find an example of a real project with a real project manager. Feel free to use projects in the media (the Olympics, television shows, movies, and so on) or a project from work, if applicable. Write a three-page paper:

  • Describe the project in terms of its scope, time, and cost goals and each of the project’s attributes.
  • Demonstrate how you would use the four-stage planning process (as covered in Chapter 2): Strategic Planning, Business Area Analysis, Project Planning, and Resource Allocation, for the project you’ve selected. If your research indicates specific planning information on the real project you selected, please feel free to share your findings in your analysis.
  • Include information describing what went right and wrong on the project and the role of the project manager and sponsor. Also describe whether you consider the project to be a success or not and why.

Use APA style format in a Word document, and include at least one reference and proper citations. Feel free to include any spreadsheet(s) as an Appendix.

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