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Project 3 involves developing an ER and relational solution for the doc below. Review the case and completing an implementation as per the guidelines below. Use LucidChart for part 1 and 2; however, you may use Visio if you wish. Include the following in Word (in landscape mode, if necessary), PowerPoint presentation, or pdf files (a template . Use the snipping tool to include the relevant portion. Submit a single file.

1. High-level ER data model of the application. This diagram does not have fields. Use the first ER template in LucidChart.
2. Logical ER model for one use case (say four tables) that has the field including foreign keys and corresponding links. This diagram is also your relational representation.
3. An implementation of the relational representation in SQL Server or Access. Show primary and foreign keys, and build the relationships. Show the relationship diagram. Step 2 and 3 can be combined.
4. List two non-primary key fields that should be indexed.

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