project notebook in project managment

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you have to write a project notebook:

-to be done on an individual bass

-provide a journal of your project work

-indicating individual record of thoughts and observations throughout project linking to lecture material

-lessons learned from the project

– It should be 3 to 4 pages

uploaded files:

The uploaded files will help you to write the project notebook. I uploaded the project schedule so you know the progress of the project and I also uploaded the feasibility analysis, proposal, progress update #1, and status report #2 to help you to understand the project that we did and you have to read them all before starting writing. so when you writing you have to start with the feasibility then proposal then progress 1 then status report 2. like you say how we managed the project and how we solved the difficulty that we faced in all of files that I uploaded and how we worked as group and stuff like that deals with project management. Also write thoughts and observations throughout project that linking to project management. then write what I learned from doing this project.

additional information:

as a group we were doing meetings do discuss the project.

also we finished the project and everything is fine.

this class is project management

If you have any question ask me and if you did a great job I will give you a good tip.

good luck

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