Project with Nasm, health and medicine homework help

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I need help do my Project with Nasm

  • Incorporate personal training into nutrition and diet
  • Chose your favorite sport and from there pick your favorite player

o  Create a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan for them

o  Include and explain carbs, protein and fat and in what way it’ll assist them in their everyday routines

o  Also include the necessary vitamins and minerals that you feel will help benefit them most

  • Explain to your client one of the pathways to energy and how the body processes it (carbs to glucose, fats and triglycerides or protein and amino acids)
  • Name six strategies for better eating for your client
  • Explain how important it is to stay hydrated as well as their recommended daily water intake
  • Include the guidelines for fluid replacement and exercise
  • Name a supplement that you believe will assist and enhance their performance

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