prospectus revise paper 2

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Section A

Restate your research questions. Then, based on the design of your study up to this point, describe the target (theoretical) population (see

Next, identify your sampling frame (the accessible population from whom you will draw your sample). Last, explain the sampling strategy that is most appropriate to your study, including the characteristics of your participants and any inclusion or exclusion criteria. Describe how you might recruit participants for your study.

Section B

  • Your revised Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, Background, Significance, and Framework sections of the prospectus
  • The Research Question and Nature of the Study sections of your prospectus.

Note: In the Nature of the Study section, please be sure to include the following

  • A statement of whether your study is quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods and justification for selection based on the purpose of your study.
  • For quantitative studies, specify your independent and dependent variables as well as covariates, control variables, or mediating and moderating variables (if applicable). For qualitative studies, identify and define the key constructs or phenomena you will be measuring.
  • Based on your review of the literature, indicate how you might measure your variables, constructs, and/or phenomena of interest and provide a rationale for why you selected the specific methods you did. In your rationale, be sure to include a discussion of instruments or methods others have used in their research.


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