Prostitution, the Law and the Media

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Preparation for the Assignment:
Research state laws on prostitution, including what penalties
typically are assessed for this behavior, and whether both customers and
prostitutes can be charged with engaging in prostitution. You should
also do a library or online search for information and legal cases regarding
prostitution. Compare how coverage differs depending on the person(s) involved
and the time and place in which such events occur. For example, the media give
headline coverage to prostitution when the person involved is a politician or a
Hollywood actor.

Assignment: In
a 3 page paper (use only Microsoft Word) present
your findings on prostitution in the law and media. How are race, class, and
gender linked to laws on prostitution? How do the media depict prostitution?
What would be the consequences for individuals and society if pornography were
effectively eliminated in the United States? In what ways might this change
make the society a better place in which to live? In what ways might this
change create new problems for society? Could prostitution and the manufacture
and sale of pornographic materials be organized in such a manner that they do
not result in the exploitation of people, especially women and children?

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