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In his initial
chapter, Dye argues that policy studies can be useful in either focusing upon “Policy
Analysis” or “Policy Advocacy”. What is the difference between these two
approaches to studying public policy and “illustrate” how can each be
used in practice?

Also, using the Dye
policy chapters (Chapter 4 through 14) and/or the paper presentations of your
fellow classmates, “illustrate” how the study of public policy can be
useful in predicting “causes” and “consequences” of public policy, i.e., study
of public policy as science. Using a breadth of illustrations from numerous
cases represents a stronger answer.

When answering this question make sure
that you cite all of your facts / sources with APA. Also feel free to use the
Bardach framework, if useful. Be as complete as possible when laying out your
plan for analysis and illustrate wherever possible. All responses should be
more than 3- pages, but less than 5-pages

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