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Name: Linda Holmes

Institution’s Affiliation: Capella University


As an individual in the field of psychology, I have a purpose to serve. I have to ensure that I have to my full potential pursued all the will enable me to succeed in this field. I understand from McClintock’s model that the practice of scholarly is rooted in research and theory. My values, commitment, and conduct regarding ethics are what will enable me to meet my objective in the society as a psychologist (Streitwieser & Ogden, 2016). Currently, my purpose is to gain education on child and adolescent psychology. For now, I want to work in a school environment where I can interact with the children and the adolescent. Sometime in the future, I will create an office for families and children. I have great capacity and the ability of understanding children, and I believe this will help me make a difference in future in this young population’s lives. According to Capella’s learning model, the scholar practitioner level allows me to put to practice the concepts that I will have learned in the scholarly period (Brain & Mukherji, 2005). Being a practitioner scholar will I am sure of my vision and future is to strengthen. This is because it will give me the time grow and gain the necessary expertise in the field I have chosen within psychology at the same time allowing me the time to continue learning more about the other aspects that are not specific to my chosen field. Every day, new ideas come up in the field of psychology and even the others, with this model, I am sure I will always be up to date with the new ideas even after I am through with my studies. I am saying so because the practitioner scholar model is aimed at ensuring individuals in a given field are kept up to date on various issues in that field.


My vision is to get a clear understanding of how people think. To be particular to my chosen area of specialization in this field of psychology, I want to understand the thinking model of the children and develop a relationship between their thinking and the actions they take. As a psychology student, I believe that everything a child whether still very young or at adolescent does, there must be some reason for doing it. I also believe that the reason for doing what they do is based on some line of thought and that is what I am set out to understand. To be able to create a difference in these children in whatever manner, I have to understand how they think and even understand the clear reason for their actions otherwise; I will be a failed course. I also want to understand the physical and the psychological changes that take place in the children from right when they are still young through to their adolescent stages. I believe that sometimes, the parents to the children more so those in adolescent have wondered why their children behave in the manner they do. Is it just because they are at a given stage? Or why? In fact, how is age related to the behaviors they exhibit? May be sometimes even fellow psychologists have wondered. I believe the answer to this lie in understanding them and hence the reason for setting this vision. I have always admired young children. I do watch them play around, cry and laugh at times. I have great passion and interest in understanding them. According to McClintock’s model, interest and passion in an area of specialization determine the success score in the same. Let us face facts, how can one study and succeed in something that he is not interested in. It is difficult to specialize in what you have no passion in. In fact, you cannot see a future in something you are not interested in.

Goals and milestones

The first goal is to gain all the necessary information related to my area of specialization in psychology. At the end of this course, I shall have gained the theoretical and practical information and knowledge that that concerns the understanding of the children and adolescent minds. That is what my area of specialization is aimed at, and it is also one of the goals and milestones I want to achieve at the end of the whole course. The second goal is to become a successful professional in the field of child psychology. Two years after completion of my studies, I would want to be in a position where by I am established and fully independent in this field. By that time, I shall have set up my own psychological treatment home for the children with mental disorders. By that time, the facility shall be fully functional and shall have employed other individual with the skills and knowledge in psychological issues related to the children and adolescent (Barker & Pistrang, 2015). In other words, two years after graduation, I shall have created my job and employment for others within the same field as I am. The second goal that I plan to achieve comprehensive research into psychological matters determine the behaviors of the young children and those at adolescent. As a practitioner scholar, I believe research is part and parcel of success in the study of psychology. Within the first six months after my graduation, I shall have done research on the children and the adolescent psychological matters. The research will be aimed at verifying and validate the theories and concepts that I shall have acquired in school during my studies. I believe this research will help add more knowledge to my studies as it forms part of my experimental component of psychology.



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