Psychology I

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working on your Research Project in WEEK 8, pacing your work throughout

the semester. There is no posting due in one of the term weeks in order

that you can use this time to catch up and specifically work on your

Project. The due date is specified in your syllabus. Submit your project

to the designated drop box by the Due Date. There is an example paper

provided, MLA/APA formatting examples provided, and In-text citation

examples provided under “Your Assignments.”

Your paper must meet 3 requirements in order to be accepted:

1. You must attain lower than 25% on your Turnitin plagiarism self-check

score prior to submitting. Papers rating above this mark cannot be

accepted. When you view your turn it in percentage score, click on the

percent to view your report. You will see highlighted areas of your

paper in need of further rewording.

2. You must have In-text Citations present in each paragraph wherein you

refer to any information you’ve read. One to four per paragraph is

common in research paper. Please refer to your success packet to learn

more about these. Your paper is not a life narrative. It is a

composition of reading scientific research on the topic. You must have

references to the work of those more knowledgeable than you on the


3. You must have a Works Cited section in which you list in APA or MLA style all the sources you used to write your paper.

Project Instructions:

It is important for you to find the relevance of psychology in your own

life and to deepen your understanding through evidence based research.

In order to facilitate these objectives, you will complete a term

project using research on a psychological disorder.

1. Choose a Psychological Disorder: You will select one of the

Psychological disorders (mental illness) listed in the Diagnostic

Statistics Manual, Fifth ed. (DSM V). You may also find listings


2. Locate Three Credible Sources:You will read information in your

textbook and select at least two other credible, scholarly sources for

you research papers. Wikipedia is not a credible source. Dot org and dot

edu domains are usually more credible than dot com domains.

3. Five Pages – Double spaced. Compose a 5 page paper (not 4 1/2

pages!) With appropriate headings, formatting, and a reference page. APA

or MLA style of formatting are accepted. With the reference page

included, you will submit six pages total. Do not forget to include

in-text citations. This is a must in order to avoid plagiarism.

4. Use the appropriate headings on the first page: List the course name,

your name, the title of your paper, the date, and the instructor’s


5. Add a Reference Page: Your finished paper will be 6 pages long with 5

pages of text body, and 1 final Reference page listing your three


6. Discuss as many of the following aspects as possible and on which you can find research:

a. An introductory paragraph including the definition of Psychological Disorders and a thesis statement.

a. Why you chose the disorder

b. the prevalence

c. How it is diagnosed: The symptoms including biological, social functioning, cognitive and emotional symptoms.

d. How it effects the social life and relationships of those afflicted.

e. The area of the brain and the neurotransmitters involved

f. treatments and helps available

g. where is research lacking on the disorder, what scientists still do not know (optional)

h. conclusion paragraph wrapping up your points and ideas.

8. MLA or APA format:

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