Psychosis means

1. Psychosis means: A) split personality. B) loss of contact with reality. C) brain seizures. D) drug abuse. 2. One who believes herself to be the Virgin Mary, come to give birth to a new  savior, would be experiencing: A) delusions of reference. B) delusions of persecution. C) delusions of grandeur. D) delusions of control. 3. Rosa is sure that her family is planning to kidnap her and take her  inheritance. She has found her husband talking on the phone in whispers and has  seen her children looking at her strangely. She is most likely experiencing: A) delusions of grandeur. B) delusions of reference. C) delusions of control. D) delusions of persecution. 4. “I like to read books. I read a book about a gilzbok… but they have nothing  to interest me… it is just amudence all over again.” This type of talk  illustrates: A) clang. B) derailment. C) neologisms. D) perseveration.

5. In the middle of a normal, calm conversation, a person with Tourette’s  syndrome might suddenly begin shouting, then follow that with a string of  obscenities. This is similar to the symptom of schizophrenia called: A) blunted and flat affect. B) inappropriate affect. C) poverty of speech. D) loss of volition. 6. Noreen has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is totally unresponsive to  her environment. She does not move for hours on end and never responds to  contacts from others. This is an example of: A) catatonic stupor. B) general dysphoria. C) inappropriate affect. D) catatonic excitement. 7. Jerry suffers from extremely disrupted thought processes and severe  perceptual disturbances. He also displays odd mannerisms, silliness, and has  difficulty communicating. He is most likely suffering from ______ schizophrenia. A) residual B) paranoid C) catatonic D) disorganized 8. Patients are more likely to recover from schizophrenia if they: A) had hallucinations but no delusions. B) showed delusions but no hallucinations. C) demonstrated good premorbid functioning. D) had primarily negative rather than positive signs. 9. Which of the following statements about genetic factors in schizophrenia is  accurate? A) Close relatives of schizophrenics are more likely to be schizophrenic than  distant relatives of schizophrenics. B) Fraternal twins have a higher concordance rate for schizophrenia than do  identical twins. C) Schizophrenics who have been adopted are more like their adoptive parents  than like their biological parents. D) Recent family studies eliminate the confounding of environment and genetics.


10. If the dopamine hypothesis provides an accurate explanation of the cause of  schizophrenia, one would expect that a drug that was effective against  Parkinson’s disease symptoms might: A) be an antipsychotic. B) have no effect on psychotic behavior. C) put the patient at risk for psychotic symptoms. D) decrease the amount of dopamine in certain areas of the brain. 11. What differentiates normal personality characteristics from personality  disorders? A) the specific characteristics B) the degree of inflexibility and maladaptiveness C) the length of time one possesses the characteristics D) All of the answers are correct. 12. Ben set up an elaborate scheme to mine gold in the Rockies. He had a large  town meeting and made a presentation of his stock. The shares were only $5  each, and everyone could afford them. He showed pictures of the mine and  explained how the company expected to gross $100 million each month. As it  turns out, he was a terrific con artist who had made several “successful”  proposals such as this in towns across America in the last couple of years. He  is most likely suffering from: A) paranoid personality disorder. B) antisocial personality disorder. C) narcissistic personality disorder. D) obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. 13. Ty is fairly handsome, but not as handsome as he thinks he is. He doesn’t  give a hoot about anyone but himself and is sure that everyone around him feels  the same way. He is most likely experiencing: A) schizoid personality disorder. B) narcissistic personality disorder. C) schizotypal personality disorder. D) obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

14. Giving in to a child’s refusal to comply with a parental request may  inadvertently reinforce stubborn and defiant behavior, setting the scene for  the development of antisocial personality disorder. This is most like a ______  explanation of the development of antisocial personality disorder. A) cognitive B) biological C) behavioral D) psychodynamic 15. There is a movement among clinicians to establish a new diagnosis, extreme  hatred, because of the observation that: A) people with personality disorders often show evidence of extreme self-hatred. B) people who commit violent crimes rarely fit the pattern for a diagnosis of  personality disorder. C) hatred appears to be the underlying factor in most personality disorders. D) people with certain personality disorders often show homophobia, racism, and  other prejudices. 16. Gort’s parents never quite liked him. They probably did not want children  in the first place. He just was not accepted. It was clear early in school that  he had a low opinion of himself. He also did not know how to interact with the  other children. Now he cuts himself and has been to the ER several times. This  is a description of the possible development of: A) histrionic personality disorder. B) avoidant personality disorder. C) schizoid personality disorder. D) borderline personality disorder. 17. A friend asks your advice about the best therapy to use for treating  borderline personality disorder. Your best answer is: A) “They all work about equally well—that is, not very well at all.” B) “If you’re going to use a psychodynamic approach, avoid relational therapy.” C) “Using drugs is a safe, effective way to treat the disorder.” D) “Research suggests that dialectical behavior therapy is the most effective.”

18. Regarding treatment of depression in the elderly, studies show that: A) drug treatments may need to be altered because drugs are broken down  differently in the body. B) individual and group therapies are rarely used. C) electroconvulsive shock therapy is the treatment of choice. D) no therapy is effective more than about half the time. 19. You may outlive your spouse. If you are like most people, you can expect: A) to suffer more depression if you are a woman than if you are a man. B) to be in another relationship within two years if you are a man, but not if  you are a woman. C) within two years, to be remarried if you are a woman, but not if you are a  man. D) to experience more physical disorders if you are a woman than if you are a  man. PART II: Fill-in-the-Blank  20. Martin is a nice little boy, but he cannot sit still in his first-grade  class. He does not seem to be able to follow what the teacher is doing, and his  academic performance is not very good. Most of his time is spent in motion. He  is displaying ______. 21. Child abuse that includes severe rejection, coercive and/or punitive  discipline, ridicule, and unrealistic expectations is ______ abuse. 22. Bed wetting is more common than involuntary defecation, otherwise known as  ______. 23. A common specific development disorder involves the impairment in a child’s  ability to recognize words and to comprehend written language. DSM-IV-TR labels  this a developmental reading disorder, but the more common name is ______. 24. Children with a diagnosis of autism often parrot sentences or phrases  spoken by others, copying the accent or inflection but not understanding the  meaning. This phenomenon is called ______. 25. The field dedicated to the mental health of the elderly is ______. 26. After a blow to the head, Albert is unable to make any new memories. Albert  is demonstrating ______ amnesia. 27. Theodore has difficulty remembering even where he is going. Maintaining  friendships is difficult, and he easily becomes angry when he cannot remember  things. His health has not been as good as it was, and he is more clumsy than  he was three years ago. He is most likely suffering from ______. 28. A kind of psychotic disorder in which individuals develop beliefs that are  false but not bizarre is called ______. 29. Day-care and assisted living facilities are examples of the ______ approach  to treatment for dementia. 30. If a friend of yours howls at the moon, runs around at night biting people,  and believes this condition originated because of being bitten by someone  (something?) else with the same condition, your friend most likely would be  diagnosed as having _______. PART III: Short Answer –  31. In large part, community treatment has failed those with schizophrenia.  Why? What happens to people with serious mental disorders who are not treated  effectively? Please be comprehensive in your answer. 32. Some psychologists have claimed that “Internet dependence” is a new variety  of personality disorder, while others say it more closely resembles an  impulse-control or substance-related disorder. What do you think? First,  describe important characteristics of Internet dependence. Second, say how,  based on those characteristics, you would classify Internet dependence. 33. The elderly face issues of discrimination within our society. What are some  2 sources of discrimination against the elderly, and what are 2 effective way  of dealing with these types of discrimination?

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