Public administration theory

Public administration theory

Your choice of questions for Theory. Answer Two questions.

choose 2 of them and write a complet answer

  1.  Max Weber defined bureaucracy by six characteristics. Evaluate the bureaucratic environment in Flint from the point of view of Weber.

Discuss the following:

  • Hierarchy of Command
  • Rules and Regulation of management
  • Division of labor and work specialization by department
  • The nature of impersonal relationships in the various agencies.
  • The competence of the employees enrolled in the case.
  • Comment on the formal rules, regulations, procedures, and decisions by the various organizations and agencies.
  1. Discuss Theory X and Theory Y with respect to Flint, Michigan.
    1. Which of the two theories is more plausible and why given the information.
  2. Is Flint, Michigan a “Wicked Problem” according to Rittel & Webber?
  3. What safeguards would you propose to prevent or minimize the inefficiencies or failures of bureaucracy? (Note: you may use the definitions of Woodrow Wilson, Max Weber or any other major theorist of Public Administration.)

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