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PURPOSE: In your source essay, you identified the multiple positions around an interesting issue, now you will enter into that conversation and contribute your own position. The public essay is your chance to engage in civic deliberation that is mutually productive and influence your readers to understand your position on an issue. You will deliver your argument in a podcast.

DIRECTIONS: Based on your previous research, select one to two existing arguments with which you disagree or believe incomplete. Now, find an audience and determine what they need to know and how can you get them to listen. This is your exigence: respond directly to it, but do not just respond to an already existing position. Advance a counterargument of your own. To accomplish this, decide (1) what points you are responding to and (2) where new arguments and information are needed to present a fuller picture of the issue to your audience. The goal of this podcast essay is to actively listen to other positions, civilly engage with a larger conversation, and create understanding as well as new insights that build community.

This project will have three phases for drafting: (1) You will generate an argument in conversation with your research, supported by good reasons and then develop an outline that uses the podcast form to its advantages. (2) You will draft a script for your podcast that includes, if applicable, any music, sounds, guest speakers, or interviews, and your peers will review these in class. (3) Then, you will record your podcast and use Audacity for audio editing. As you edit, pay specific attention to the arrangement of the final product. Finally, in our last class, we will sample 2 minutes of every students podcast for a final round of review before submission.

When submitting your final podcast to Canvas, you will include a cover letter that explains your rhetorical decisions. The cover letter should provide: (1) a brief overview of your rhetorical situation; (2) a discussion of how your multimedia approach suits the audience and purpose; (3) several examples of how you employed rhetorical decision making and analysis of the outcomes of those rhetorical choices.

FORMAT: Your final project should be a 10-12 minute podcast. You will submit your audio file with a cover letter (1-2 pages) through Canvas.

EVALUATION: Your public essay should address and influence a specific audience; respond to an existing argument with a convincing, rhetorically effective counterargument; support your claims with research, examples, and reasoning; effectively tap the available means (audio) of podcasting to reach the audience; use arrangement to deliver an interesting, clear, and dynamic podcast; and explain these rhetorical choices in a cover letter.

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