Qualitative research methods are the best

· Db2 (to think about): Discussion Board Forum 2 250 words

Topic: Consider these statements:

· “Qualitative research methods are the best!”

· “Quantitative research methods are the best!”

Thread Prompt: Present an argument in your thread that supports EACH of these 2 statements. Separate your writings (do not mix these 2 statements as 1 statement), and label them as “Statement 1” and “Statement 2” in your thread. Support each of your statements with content from your textbook. There is more than 1 way to answer this correctly; use imagination and creativity, and support it with content from the textbook

Remember that your discussion board should include sources that you use to get information.  These should be cited in the text where they appear, and the complete reference should be included at the bottom of the post. The Db will not allow for perfect alignment and formatting, but do format everything in correct APA as much as it will allow. Use your APA manual to help with the formatting.

Obviously, both qualitative and quantitative cannot be “best”.  The idea is that they both have different purposes, and are “best” in different situations and for different research purposes.  Be sure to discuss each of the types separately, and include information from your textbook and other sources that indicate your understanding of the value of both types.  Also, don’t forget to CITE your textbook where you use it, and include the FULL REFERENCE at the bottom of your post.


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