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  1. Choose what you find as a memorable quote/passage from any of the assigned author readings and discuss/explain how that quote/passage illustrates, or serves as an example of, American modernism.
  2. Choose any one of the writers assigned for this week’s unit and discuss how that writer expands the definition of what it means to be an ‘American,’ or how that writer portrays an ‘American identity.’ (Cite at least one example from the writer’s text(s) as support.)
  3. Why do you think it might have been easier for some American authors to write about American subjects/topics as expatriots living in Paris, rather than writing/living in the U.S.during the 1920’s?
  4. How did the growth of ‘modernity’ (urbanization, industrialization, etc.) transform the traditional notions of American self-reliance and independence? (Think back on the ‘America’ of Ben Franklin in the 18th century, and Ralph Waldo Emerson in the early 19th century. Compare how they defined an ‘American National Identity’ to writers of the early 20th century.)
  5. Free write: Respond to the 20th century changes in the form and content of American poetry and prose, as presented in the video lectures and assigned readings. What are the major changes? What (specifically) prompted those changes

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