read the book chapter 5 and write a 1000 words essay

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For this assignment, you will write 1000 words that will answer the explore, research, and discuss the following topic:

In chapter 5 of Ansari’s book Modern Romance, he discusses several examples of the ways people create romantic relationships in other countries and cultures. You will choose one example from another culture to show how people in that culture create romantic relationships.

Here is the link you can read the book –

Your essay should plan to have at least six paragraphs total, with four body paragraphs (and one direct quote in each body paragraph from Ansari and/or your research).

In this essay, you must do the following:

1. summarize chapter 5 of Ansari’s book in the introduction

2. use at least one direct quote from chapter 5

3. research the example you are discussing and include at least three outside sources in your essay from your research (a total of at least 3 quotes)

4. include a works cited with all the works you cite from within your essay (you will have at least four entries in your works cited (our book and three outside sources)

5. conclude with a personal connection to and reflection on your topic

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