Read thread and submit a reply to it. Your reply must be 200–250 words Thread We must appreciate how far we have come with literature. At first we had Colonial era where the writing was not at a

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Read thread and submit a reply to it. Your reply must be 200–250 words


We must appreciate how far we have come with literature. At first we had Colonial era where the writing was not at all imaginative, it was historical. The themes of their writings were strictly religious. It was a order they followed by. The colonial writings were made by the Puritans and during that times created many sermons, journal entry’s, and little poetry. Then we move on to the Revolutionary era, where the writings were more personal and very patriotic. These included speeches, documents, and events. Writings during this time was all about the mere idea of Independence from the British. That was a hot topic with having quite a few Loyalists in the country. But the patriots had to spread their message. Next, it was the Enlightenment period. Writing during this time required absolute dependency on the Bible. The writings were based more on common sense along with science. This was the discovery age where in search of the truths came explanation. And finally Romanticism. The era that not only changed literature, but social classes, art, and the way of living. Many writers became famous during this time such as Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was a artistic movement against the Neoclassicism phase. Writers were all about discussing emotions, nature, erotica, and imagination. This would allow the thoughts, ideas,and creativeness of the 19th century to flow and become more open and free. Our writings in the beginning were a bit simple but over time became more drastic with human emotion and opinions of such matters that were never discussed before. It made people more open and welcoming to new ideas. And in a Christian perspective I find all this wondrous. I believe to be appreciative of what we have now, we must look back in history and see how far we have come. The American literature in this country would not be the way it was if we didn’t have the colonials come here and express themselves. Since then we have only thrived. In a Christian perspective, you must learn from the beginning, the struggles, the falls, and all the goods that came out it. Just like when people look back in the Old Testament. Its all about knowing our history and appreciating all that the people had done.

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