Reflective Assignment

SES 465 – Reflective Assignment #1

Due: Tuesday 1/22/18 before 9:30 am

Topic: Write about a sport or exercise related moment(s) (either playing a sport or watching the event/activity) that has encouraged you to study your current major at Barry University.

Instructions: Worth 50 points – Corrections and re-writing maybe required to earn a passing grade if the quality of the Reflective Writing Assignment falls below a grade of “C”.

· Complete a 1 – 1 ½ pages assignment (points deducted if the assignment is not the required length).

· It must include an introduction (2-3 sentences) and conclusion paragraph (2-3 sentences)

· Needs to have at least one supporting paragraph (3 – 4 sentences)

· Must be completed in either Microsoft Word or a notepad software (so comments and corrections can be done easily). Please note that MAC .pages files will not work!!

· Font & size: Ariel 11 or Times New Roman 11

· Line spacing: 1.5 or double spaced will be accepted

· Margins: 1″ all around

· Grading will be based on structure, grammar, etc. (refer to the Grading Rubric from the syllabus located on the next page )

· 2 points extra will be earned for an assignment handed in on time.

Example Essay:

What has encouraged me to study ___________________ major offered in Sport and Exercise Science Department at Barry University? (add 2-3 supporting sentences)

The first moment of encouragement was __________________. (add 2-3 supporting sentences about this moment).

The second moment of encouragement was ___________________. (add 2-3 supporting sentences about this moment).

In conclusion, _____________ major will help me with _____________. (add 2-3 supporting sentences about this moment).

Reflective Writing Assignment is worth 25 points



4 points


3 points


2 points


1 point



Ideas & Content

Main theme

Supporting Details

• Exceptionally clear, focused, engaging with relevant, strong supporting detail • Evident main idea with some support which may be general or limited • Purpose and main idea may be unclear and cluttered by irrelevant detail • Lacks central idea; development is minimal or non-existent  






• Effectively organized in logical and creative manner with the required length (#pages)

• Creative and engaging intro and conclusion


• Organization is appropriate, but conventional with less than required length (# pages)

• Attempt at introduction and conclusion

• Lack of structure; disorganized and hard to follow without enough length (# pages)

• Missing or weak intro and conclusion

• Lack of coherence; confusing; and short on the required page limit

• No identifiable introduction or conclusion



Sense of audience

• Expressive, engaging, sincere

• Strong sense of audience

• Shows emotion: humor, honesty, suspense or life

• Evident commitment to topic

• Inconsistent or dull personality

• Writing tends to be flat or stiff

• Little or no hint of writer behind words

• Writing is lifeless

• No hint of the writer

Word Choice




• Precise, carefully chosen

• Strong, fresh, vivid images

• Language is functional and appropriate

• Descriptions may be overdone at times

• Monotonous, often repetitious, sometimes inappropriate • Limited range of words

• Some vocabulary misused

Sentence Fluency

Rhythm, Flow


• High degree of craftsmanship

• Effective variation in sentence patterns

• Generally in control

• Lack variety in length and structure

• Often choppy

• Monotonous sentence patterns

• Frequent run-on sentences

• Difficult to follow or read aloud

• Disjointed, confusing, rambling


Age Appropriate Spelling Punctuation Grammar

• Exceptionally strong control of standard conventions of writing • Control of most writing conventions; occasional errors with high risks • Frequent significant errors may impede readability • Numerous errors distract the reader and make the text difficult to read  
Completion of Assignment • Submitted on time (1 point) • Submitted on time (1 point) • Submitted 1 day late (half point) • Submitted more than 1 day late (zero points)  
Total Points Earned  

Revisions: In order to be an effective student and professional in your chosen major, you need to be able to express your thoughts clearly in a written manner. This means revisions might be required to ensure the correct information is being expressed in a positive manner.

– Corrections and re-writing maybe required to earn a passing grade if the quality of the Reflective Writing Assignment falls below a grade of “C”.

Writing Supports at Barry University

The writing lab information is located above the Weekly Learning Modules on Canvas. This is a great opportunity to help your writing and earn the highest grade possible on the Reflective Writing Assignments.

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