Research Apply: synthesize your educational experiences, psychology homework help

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Content Requirements

Think back to the beginning of your educational journey. Don’t you
wish someone had shared with you all the secrets you would need to be
successful in your studies; hints about ways to complete assignments
better, what courses would be easier or tougher, even some personal
words of encouragement to help you through the tough times. Well, guess
what? This is your chance to provide that resource to others.

The intent of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to
synthesize your educational experiences into a series of guidelines or
points of advice to help an underclassmen be successful in their own
academic journey. While the core of the letter should focus on relevant
academic issues related to your major, feel free to provide insight
into the overall mission of the institution (Christ-centered education
for Character and/ Fit-Four outcomes.

This is a personal letter, so feel free to write in a way that
represents you. At minimum, the letter should be two type-written pages,
following standard APA guidelines concerning margins, text size, and,
spacing. No cover page or reference section is needed.

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