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The research question: (is time spent on instgram and snapchat associated with self steam and happiness)

Hyp 1; increased time on instagram is associated with lower self-esteem. Time on snapchat in not associated with self -esteem

Hyp2: increased time on snapchat and instagram associated with lower happiness.

Please submit your survey research paper to this portal before the due date. I would suggest using this Preformatted IAPA Template Paper to assist you in formatting your paper.

You can find all of the materials nicely organized under Modules > Basic Research Methodology > 4. WORKSHOP: Conducting a Survey. Here, you will find the lecture slides, example subsections (e.g., method, results sections), and outlines to assist you in writing your paper. Remember, your paper should have each of the following sections in this order:

  1. Title Page( 1 page)
  2. Abstract(1 page)
  3. Introduction (4 pages)
  4. Method (1-2) I will attach the results and methods section to provide the participants numbers on this survey study.
  5. Results ( 1 page) our
  6. Discussion ( 2-3 pages )
  7. References. ( 1 page )

And finally, you should keep the grading rubric nearby at all times to ensure you are addressing all major points.

Rubric Conducting a Survey.pdf

Please submit your paper as a PDF document.

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