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1.Everybody needs to be accountable for their actions and abide by the rules. I get it that the rules do suck at times but they also help us stay free as a country. We have these rights for a reason and our forefathers had set us up for success with our constitutional rights and we have to uphold them to a very high standard. I agree with Tawnetta that to truly uphold our constitutional rights we as a society have to hold everybody accountable for their actions no matter how small or big. They are there for a reason, to protect us from abuse of power by our own government and we must know how these rights work as that can be the only way to protect ourselves when times get hard or you happen to get caught up with any form of legal actions, whether it be a divorce, getting served, dealing with a business, especially when it comes to committing a criminal act and face the possibility of imprisonment.

The way that I believe we can improve or strengthen our constitutional rights is to get the people involved, teach it more in schools at a young age so they can understand why we have these rights and how to protect themselves in the future whether or not something happens. That is one thing I do wish I was taught more on in school was our constitutional rights in detail.

2.There are many different ways to ensure that the constitutional rights can be upheld within our society by first holding everyone accountable for their actions. In order to understand what the constitutional rights you must first know what they are and how they apply to you as a person, because the constitutional rights will affect everyone differently. The amendments have been created to make sure that everyone has rights and that they will be treated equally. Even those who are not citizen’s still have to follow the rules. When people commit crimes make them do the time. Freedom of speech allows you to be your own person and speak what’s on your mind.

I would recommend that all citizens are allowed to vote and help improve the rules and laws in our country. I believe if the people felt like they have a voice to stand on that they’d be more likely to follow the rules vs break them. Being more consistent, once a rule is set in place it should apply too all citizens of all races and backgrounds.

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