Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more. This is the question they had to answer. What are potential ethical challenges in the industry in which you work? Describe a possible situation and

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Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more.

This is the question they had to answer.

What are potential ethical challenges in the industry in which you work?  Describe a possible situation and how your firm deals with the potential of such a threat through policies and practice (for instance, employee handbook, training, progressive discipline, rewards, etc.).

Classmate 1

During the pandemic there were many changes made in the workplace to create a safe environment for employees. As an Amazon employee we are considered essential workers because we are the leader in our industry and have a reputation of always having an obsession for our customers. The pandemic has created a lot of stress for employees and leaders personally and professionally. As a team we have had to be creative on ways to come closer and grow while staying 6ft. apart.

As a Fortune 500 company that has found ways to grow and expand in such an unfortunate situation has been challenging, but we have adjusted to change and created safe work place. For most not being able to meet in person put a strain on the hiring process. So the recruiting and talent development team partnership wit IT team and developed Amazon Chime. This is a application that we use to conduct virtual interviews and meetings so that we can effectively communicate and still get the job done. As a team we still have to communicate which has been challenging to say the least, but being able to maintain and keep our customer promise is very important. Amazon promotes a safe and healthy workplace environment by purchasing thermal cameras to protect employees against the fight of the corona virus. Another practice that was created offering free covid testing onsite so that employees can test regularly and feel safe working as a team. In my opinion my company has worked hard to sustain and continue to bring the team together in such a challenging time the whole world has faced. Amazon is one the world’s leading industries so it is essential to ensure that the employees could come to work and feel safe so that we can work hard, have fun and continue to make history.

Classmate 2

Potential challenges that my industry has to work hard against usually has alot to do with following guidelines. There are school guidelines to be followed. There are also NCAA guidelines that are to be followed to exact detail. Failure to follow exact guidelines or protocols could result in termination of the employee. A current situation that has been prevalent in our recent timing is the active mask mandate. In coaching, the mask mandate has been extremely enforced and tedious as well. Our mask mandates were strict with our football program and also with our campus life. Our athletics department and our regular campus still has the mandated mask rule for everyone on campus. In the athletics department, our policy is that every coach should have a mask on around players, staff, or administration at all times. The reason is to help prevent the spread of covid 19. Our regular campus policy was for every faculty member and student to wear a mask on campus grounds. The problems and challenges come from people not wearing their masks, forgetting their masks, and people just not having them. The athletic department penalized coaches by taking away practice times with players. The campus would fine or even dismiss students or faculty based on how bad the situation might have been. Getting mandatory covid tests twice a week was also a rule for our coaching staff. We had to take our tests and be negative in order to participate in any activities. Compliance was huge for my workplace this year.

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