Response paper about a play named Sunset Baby (US society and Race issue)

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You must write a response paper for EACH of the required shows. All papers written in response to a live performance must be TWO (2) FULL pages, 1.5 spacing, 12 pt Times New Roman font. They should include a BRIEF (1 paragraph) plot synopsis, a thorough assessment of the racial/ cultural/ sexual ideology in the play, discussion of cultural/ historical/ racial significance in our society today as well as historically, and parallels that can be made to “in-class” reading, projects, and lecture topics, as applicable.

The Play named Sunset Baby by DOMINIQUE MORISSEAU, I should be there and watch, but my schedule was crash with the show time.

Now I find the stage play-script in attachment files.

Just reading the play script first, and try to imagine that you were the person who watched show. and write a response paper

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