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You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

Looking at both centralized and decentralized models of correctional institution management, there will be many differences between the two models. Pros and cons can be seen under each. First it is important to understand each model and by doing so the differences can be seen.

The centralized model has its own unique features and characteristics. Under a centralized model the authority of planning, and decision making are exclusively granted to top management (Key Differences, 2017). This could mean one person is particular is in charge and everyone else follows and answers to the orders. The communication among this style is very vertical, and decision making processes are slow. I would actually think the decision making time would be faster with a centralized model in that only top management has the power to make decisions and changes. It is said that the centralized model works better among smaller organizations (Key Differences, 2017). This model was used more commonly in earlier years, and many organizations are shifting to a more integrated and modern approach by adopting the decentralized model. Although the centralized model achieves organization and order, it seems as though it would be less appealing to work in that environment.

The decentralized model is basically the opposite of the centralized model. As an employee this environment creates a more positive atmosphere, making it much more appealing to work. Characteristics of a decentralized model include open and free communication, and faster decision making (Key Differences, 2017). By encouraging open and free communication on all levels, employees will naturally feel that their ideas and input matters. When employees feel cared for, they will perform better. Decisions made under this model reside with multiple people and the responsibility and burden is shared (Key Differences, 2017). The decentralized model works better among large organizations, making it ideal for correctional facilities.

There continues to be debate over the centralized and decentralized models and which one is superior. Naturally people come with individual views and theories and preferences in styles among running an organization, so it is with no surprise that there is a divide. Despite that being said, research provides strong evidence to help determine the best fit for an organization, depending on the size and type of the organization.

Lastly, the culture of an organization has a great deal to do with the success of the organization. By having a strong culture full of integrity, ethics, and respect will create development of ideas among satisfied staff leading to growth and improvement. Employees make up a company and they have to be heard and appreciated to flourish. Organizational culture is made up from a variety of factors such as the style of the organizational leaders/managers, how employees interact with one another and outside organizations, and the emphasis placed on its processes, traits and goals (MUSE, 2019). Think of it as the organization’s operation on a daily basis. I think we can all think back of a time of waking up in the morning and dreading going to work each day, and in many cases it could have been that the company lacked a proper culture.

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