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Responses just 150 words


1. I believe that the elements in the TAC’s “bloody idiot” campaign that would be transferable to change other undesirable health behaviors would be the structure of the three elements that were used in the campaign. They used legislation, enforcement, and advertisement. I believe that each of these elements work together to spark the need for change within an individual. With legislation, they set guidelines for what they were going to allow within Melbourne, Australia. With the enforcement, they enforced the new guidelines to ensure that the community knew how serious they were about ending drinking and driving within the community. To enforce this, they began with random breath testing on the roads. Lastly, advertisement comes into place by educating the community about why the new BAC guideline is in place, what will happen if you break the law, as well as educating on the dangers of drinking and driving.

2. I believe that the legislation was the most successful in altering the community’s attitudes and behaviors. I say this because I believe the legislation is the start of the change. Without the legislation, there would be no law for enforcement to follow. And although the “scare tactic” in advertising is good, I do not believe that the behavior would have changed on just a drinking a driving video alone. By having a defined BAC level with the enforcement of penalties, it struck fear into the community for drinking a driving because they did not want the consequences of breaking the law.

3. If I was planning a social marketing campaign but had a more limited budget than TAC, I would reduce my reliance on advertisements. I say this because with the random breath testing in the community I believe that the word of mouth would get around quickly to all of those who drink and drive. With a law in place and enforcement within the community I believe that that will give the community enough motive to change. For example, there has been a lot of speeding going on in my neighborhood. To make that change, there has been cops non-stop in my neighborhood giving tickets to anyone who is speeding. The prevalence of cops within our neighborhood has decreased in the past month, yet people are still doing the speed limit. This change was not made from advertisements on speeding, but for the fear of getting punished for not obeying the law. Because of this fear aspect of legislation and enforcement, I believe that advertisement would be the element that would be the most beneficial to reduce


The TAC was very well structured. I believe that is why it was so successful. The way the campaign included a legislation element, an enforcement element, and an advertisement element is what also help it succeed. Those three element structures could be transferable to other efforts. The well structure and well thought out plan is what is transferable. This campaign never changed anything they were trying to accomplish and I believe that is also what helped it succeed so well.

I believe the random breath testing and advertisement was a huge reason in altering the communities attitudes and behavior. When people see that the law enforces are not going easy, or they see the ugly truth behind drinking and driving it will change them. Their slogan never changed. They stuck to their roots of the program and people were able to remember this campaign better.

If I were planning a program I would put less money into advertising. I would still make advertising a big part, I just would not make it the biggest part. Allowing law enforcement to do random breath testing on anyone in the state is great. I do like how they showed the ugly truth about drinking and driving, but I would not use it so heavily

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