Review Questions Week 5

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1. The frog in the picture above is found in which biome? What is the name of this species? You do not need to include the picture of the frog with your answers.

2. What is the difference between a hot dessert and a cold dessert? What type of animals are found in each one. Do not use the examples from the lecture notes.

3. What is the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica. List three mammals found in each.

4. Which type of aquatic ecosystem is the Everglades considered to be?

5. What are the three zones in the ocean called?

6. What is a barrier reef? Give an example.

7. Give an example of commensalism. Do not use the example in the notes.

8. Describe the Biodome in Arizona.

9. In addition to the community interactions mentioned in the lecture notes there are several others. Briefly explain what each of the following is: (a) Batesian Mimicry (b) Mullerian Mimicry (c) Aposematic Coloration.

10. What is Liebigs “Law of Minimum”?

Once you have completed all 10 questions you will attach your document file in the appropriate area.

11. This week we are going to talk about the Carrying Capacity of a population. First we want to define this concept. Next, we want to give examples ofPredator/Prey relationships in a population (for example the rabbits in Australia). What are the Limiting Factors that determine carrying capacity(competition, waste, predation, etc…)?

We also want to examine how: a population Increases and Decreases in size with relation to stabilization.

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