Revision of 6 page essay (Topic-Sustainability)

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Global Revision of Writing Project One:

Along with your Paper 4, you will also submit a revision of either Papers 1, 2, or 3. Remember that a thorough revision can turn a good essay into a great one. More importantly, the revision process is a chance to really think about what you were trying to say when you first wrote something, but also what you want to say now.

I will upload the file of the essay I would like you to revise!

To perform a global revision, I want you to consider the commentary I supplied and how your ideas about the issues at hand have evolved. This kind of exercise requires more than just fixing poor phrasings and adding a few quotes. Here are a few questions to ask as you get down to this task:

  • How can you make your argument more specific, original, and logical?
  • How can you engage with the support you provide on more than just a surface level?
  • How can you make your essay’s structure less categorical, and how can you make your paragraphs more coherent and idea-driven?
  • How can you help a reader see why this issue matters even if they think it doesn’t?
  • How can you make the prose of your essay more appropriate to the subject matter and more compelling for a potential reader?
  • How can you make your paper more readable?
  • You might also contemplate how these questions align with the 6 analytical terms.

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