right pepper about effective parenting positive support for families 1

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Evaluation Rubric for NASP Position Statement Reaction Paper





Summary of NASP Position Statement (30pts)

  •  Clear identification of NASP’s position on the topic
  •  Accurate paraphrasing of major points

Reaction to NASP Position Statement (35pts)

  •  Clear response as to why you agree or disagree with NASP’s position (i.e., why did you react the way you did?) based on your professional identity and school-based experiences
  •  Support for your position using appropriate research citations

Content, clarity, and organization of ideas (correct use of APA style, grammar/style) (10pts)

  •  12pt Times New Roman font,1” margins
  •  Maximum 3 pages

Additional comments: __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

(this is how the doctor will evaluation me )


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