Safety Risk Assessment Assignment

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Based on the medical condition of the applicant and the job openings available in the company provided in the scenario, you are to conduct a health risk assessment and recommend the most suitable job for the applicant.

You are required to write a letter to the Human Resource Manager of the company stated in the scenario, recommend the most suitable job (recommend only 1 job), provide the reasons why and any additional control measures needed when this person is hired. The measures could be directed at the applicant (eg. precautions individual should take whilst performing job) or the company (eg. job aids, training, medical surveillance)


SRM Assessment 3: Health Risk Assessment
Maximum marks: 20 marks
Use of letter format
Addressed to the right person in the organisation
Recommend only 1 job vacancy most suited to the applicant
Clearly state reasons why this position is suitable and why the rest of them are not, based on safety
and health risks that might be encountered for each position and also the results of the health
surveillance of the job applicant
Recommend additional control measures to make the workplace safer for the applicant
Identifying the letter is confidential since health information may be disclosed
Sign off letter by appropriate person

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