Sandra Cisnero’s House on Mango Street germinates from her position as a double minority: Both a woman and Chicana. Explain how or why traditional interpretations of Mexican-American women negatively affects their current circumstances and/or perceptions

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HouseOnMangoSt_PDF-Sandra Sisneros.pdf

Address it effectively with a specific thesis statement and ample academic evidence to support your claims in at least 600 words. Non-academic sources are not acceptable. The use of at least two secondary sources is required, and they must be cited correctly in-text throughout your answer. Thus, make sure you work quickly and accurately. A Work Cited page is required.

Content—Do not stray from the question. Your answer should be your thesis statement, and you must support your claims throughout your writing.

Structure—Do not submit a solid piece of text without indentations, paragraphs breaks, etc. You must guide your readers with a traditional essay exam format.

Style/Tone—Do not use a conversational tone or language. Use a formal style and the third person narrative.

Editing—Be as clear and concise as possible.

MLA—Cite your secondaries properly to ensure that plagiarism is never suspected.

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