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Hello there

please see this film ( A Separation 2011- Sony Pictures directed by Asghar Farhadi.

then answer these questions as an essay format.

A Separation

  • Why does Simin decide to sue Nader for divorce?
  • How does religion, gender, generation and class play a role in the Separation? (Provide a response for all four categories)
  • Why does Nader hold back from granting permission for Simin and their daughter to leave the country? What are Nader’s positions? What are his interests?
  • How does honesty impact the legal battles when no one person is in possession of all the facts? How would you manage the untangling of all the facts and keep the decision within the letter of the law in a land where the law must match religious law?
  • Is the law adequate to deal with human emotions?

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