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Select an organization likely to conduct a major terrorist attack within the United States, and complete an in-depth profile on the organization you selected for this first part of a three part series of papers. This same group you select will be used for your Midterm, Progress, and Final papers (where you will later on describe how to collect and analyze on them and then how to stop them in your final paper. For this midterm, write a 5-7 page (double-spaced) research paper that provides a description of the organization’s ideology, goals & objectives. Also include sections describing the group’s leadership, funding, and capabilities such as personnel strengths. It is important that you describe how you envision this group could actually conduct a major attack within the U.S. Homeland, such as the known and suspected weapons/lethal agents and delivery methods, and the tactics, techniques and procedures that they may use. Describe specifically how you envision this major terrorist attack on the U.S. Homeland by this group — one that could happen; a hypothetical attack.

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