senior citizens with disabilities availability of resources, sociology homework help

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The final grade will be based on each student’s ability to meet the
writing criteria listed below. Students are required to cite a minimum of 3
scholarly sources both in the paper and reference page. Students are required
to cite resources accordingly. The body of the reflective paper must be a
minimum of 8 pages typed in APA style. 
The signed memorandum of understanding is to be handed in with the

This paper will include information
about the professor-approved agency as it pertains to the course.

The name of the community organization and the clientele served

The mission and vision statement of the organization

Overview of resources the organization provides to families at-risk
including a brief description that demonstrates the student’s’ understanding
of the type of resources and how they meet the needs of families.

—  The
student will summarize and evaluate the organization from an
“outsiders” perspective. The summary should address observations
the organization. Also, based on your research and observations
would you recommend this organization as a beneficial resource for

—  The
student will integrate course material as it relates to the organization.

for Selecting a Community Agency

Begin the process by considering
what you are currently interested in and/or do not have experience in. Listed
below are some topics to begin the process of brainstorming:

Abuse  -Homeless

and Drug Abuse  -Families
with Disabilities

& Low Income Families  -Individual
and Family Illness

Assault, Domestic Violence  -Single
Parent Families

(assimilation, family reunification)

(elder abuse, Care giving, family isolation)

Brochure Group Assignment

Students will begin to utilize their
knowledge of family resources through the development of a resource
brochure.  Students will apply their
understanding of issues for families at risk and their experiences obtained
within their field of work toward the developing of the brochure. 

Students, in their assigned groups, will develop a resource
brochure by selecting an at-risk population and “creating” an agency to address
the needs of that population. The brochure is to be a PR resource promoting the
agency.  The brochure is to include a
list of resources offered (a minimum of 3) that demonstrates the development
and allocation of resources for families at risk. Each group will lead a brief
presentation providing an overview of the project outcome. Students will need
to be prepared to answer questions from participants related to how the
resources meet the needs of individuals and families to promote quality of
life. The group will submit the brochure to the course instructor on the
designated due date. The brochures are to be typed in a tri-fold format. The
brochure must demonstrate proper grammar and punctuation.

Rubric will include:

•  Visual of Resources Developed

Range of resources visually displayed, organized

Development and Allocation supporting a holistic approach incorporating
the individual, family and community

•  Presentation

Introduce topic

Describe resources allocated

Explanation of how needs are met

•  Responding to Questions

Instructor, Peers, Other Attendees

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