Session 5 DiscussionSession 5 DiscussionClick on the Session 5 Discussion link and create a new thread to respond to the discussion prompt. After posting your initial response, please comment on cla

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  • Session 5 DiscussionSession 5 DiscussionClick on the  Session 5 Discussion  link and create a new thread to respond to the discussion prompt. After posting your initial response, please comment on classmates’ responses. Respond by making constructive responses or by raising other questions that will promote further discussion and learning by all of us.It is best practice to post early and continually participate throughout the session. You will be graded not only for your posting, but your participation in this discussion. Your initial post is due by Wednesday at 11:59 P.M. (MT) of the session in which the discussion is assigned. A minimum of two (2) additional response posts are due on Sunday at 11:59 P.M. (MT).  Participation is required on at least three days throughout the week. These are minimum requirements. Be sure to follow any additional guidelines posted by the instructor.Review the rubric available in  Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.Discussion Prompt: Writing across the disciplinesDuring your time as a student at CCU, you’ll be writing specifically within the discipline of your academic program. While there are many writing skills that are transferable between types of writing, there can also be unique elements and challenges relating to your academic program. Based on our reading from Session 5, consider the unique aspects of your specific academic program/major and how it may be different from others. For example, a student studying Nursing will likely be challenged to write science-based content, while a Biblical Studies student will likely need to focus on mastering the art of incorporating Scripture into academic writing.With this in mind, address these questions:

    • What is your current academic program/major at CCU, and why did you select it?
    • Based on what you have learned in this course, identify one writing skill that you will use in your future courses. Specifically, explain how the skill applies to your academic program/major.
    • When  you consider your current occupation (or a future career goal), how might writing factor into the job duties
    • Session 5 Reflection PaperIn this course, you didn’t just learn how to write—you learned how to communicate various ideas through various methods. It has been a whirlwind of learning how to write but knowing the how isn’t always enough. Knowing the why is also important. This is your opportunity to consider the why. For this assignment, write a three-page paper reflecting on your experience in this course. In your paper, respond to the following questions.

      • Why do you think what you learned in this class was important?
      • What from this course will you take into your next courses?
      • What concepts did you learn that can help you in your work, home, or community?
      • In what ways will the concepts you learned in this course benefit you in the discipline for which you are preparing? (Be specific.)
      • Regarding the Biblical Perspectives in this course, how might they influence the way in which you use your writing to communicate?

Session 5 Revision- Academic PaperSimilar to the revision process from Session 2 and 4, look at the feedback your instructor has given you on your Academic paper. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback to improve your paper, and use the Comments feature in Word (under the Review tab at the top of the screen) to ask your instructor for any clarification regarding their comments if you need to. (You may also pose questions about the feedback to your instructor in the submission text box.) This assignment provides an opportunity to receive further explanation on revisions made to your paper.Click on the Session 5 Revision- Academic Paper link to submit your revised paper for additional feedback on how you integrated the revisions into your paper and responses to any questions you asked. Review the rubric available in Due Dates and Grades for specific grading criteria.

session 2 is due saturday

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