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Complete the following Skill-Builder Exercises during the LAB session. Then submit the completed work by either taking a picture or scanning the pages. Make sure to post the document on Canvas to receive points for attendance and participation in the weekly LAB session.


*Note points will be deducted I f the assignment is not submitted before the weekly module i nformation is due on Thursday before 11:59 PM.


(located on page 54-56 in your textbook)




Skill-Builder 2.1 : Analyzing Organizational Environment and Management Practices



To develop your ability to analyze an organization’s business and management practices



Select a sport or exercise organization, preferably one for which you have worked or played, and answer the following questions. You may need to contact people in. the organization to answer some of the questions.

Internal Environment


1. Identify the organization’s top managers and briefly discuss their leadership style.


Shery Wheelock is the president and CEO of Special Olympics in Florida. Her style of leadership is authoritarian. Phil Nacci is the volunteer manager and his style of leadership is participative







2 . State the organization’s mission.


To provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for all children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, prepare for entry into school and community programs, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendships with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.










3. Identify some of its major resources.


Some of the Special Olympics major resources are Kennedy foundation, branding, MASC leadership, MIAA unified sports coaches, and unified champion Schools Resources






4. Explain its systems process. Discuss how it maintains quality and customer value.


Special Olympics maintains quality and customer value by transforming lives through the joy of sport, every day everywhere. They also inspire people in their communities and elsewhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potentials.








5. . Identify the organization’s structure by listing its major departments.


The special Olympics structure are legal, sports and competition, leadership and education, Healthy athletes, marketing and communication, project unify, strategic properties, and regional growth.




External Environment

As you answer the following questions, state how each external factor affects the organization.

1. Identify the organization’s target customers .


The Florida special Olympics target customers are their athletes, families, partners, and sponsors.





Information gathered from the Textbook Applied Sport Management Skills



SES 465 – LAB #2



2. Identify its major competitors. 3. Identify its major suppliers.

The major suppliers for the Florida Special Olympics are their partners which consist of Coca-Cola, Bank of America, ESPN, Finish Line, Foundation Golisano, Hasbro, Ikea, Lions, MetLife, Microsoft, NFL, and many more.

The Florida Special Olympics major competitors are other special Olympics from different towns and states.



4. From what labor pool does the organization recruit most of its workforce?


The labor pool that the Special Olympic gets most of their workforce is from volunteers.



5. Is the organization publicly held? If yes, on which stock exchanges is it listed? If

no, who owns it?


The special Olympics are not publicly held. Eunice Kennedy Shriver is the owner and founder.





6. Describe the ways in which the organization affects society (at the local, state, and national levels) and also the ways in which society affects it.


Special Olympics organization affects the society by changing the public perceptions of the tasks people with intellectual disabilities are capable of performing and their willingness to support inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities into mainstream classrooms. Society affects the special Olympics through their belief or disbelief that people with disability are capable of performing same things as those without disabilities. The more people belief in that the more support the special Olympics will have.









7. Describe some technologies that the organization and its industry niche have used in the past, use now, and may use in the future. Is the organization a technology leader?


Some technology that the Special Olympic uses are Azure, its cloud computing platform, to overhaul the IT infrastructure that Special Olympics uses to manage its games. Microsoft provides copies of Office 365 to improve productivity and communications. Special Olympics also use of DocuSign’s technology in the registration process to get away of paper hassles







8. Identify which governments affect the organization, and list some major laws and regulations that it must abide by.


Some general rules are that all games must comply with sports rules issued by the National Sports Governing Bodies all athletes must be at least 8 years old, athletes must receive participation ribbons, and world games should be conducted only with SOI’s authorization.





9. Explain how the economy affects the organization .


The economy greatly affects the special Olympics. They heavily depend on donors, foundations, partnership, and sponsors. If the economy is down it will decrease the amount of funds and resources they receive from other organizations that support them











1. Is the organization a domestic, an international, or a multinational company? If it is international or multinational, list and briefly describe (a) some of its global activities (e.g., import and export) and (b) some of its business practices (e.g., management style, strategy) .


The special Olympics is an international company that offers 30-plus Olympic-style individual and team sports that provide meaningful training and competition opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities all over the world. The special Olympics style of dealing and guiding their customers are through the idea of “Revealing the champion in all of us” by revealing, achieving, and sharing. Their main goal is to provide an environment that inspirational, joyful, inclusive, determined, courageous, and authentic.








1. Does the organization have a formal code of ethics? If yes, describe the code and how

it is used and disseminated to employees. If no, how does it manage ethical issues?

The special Olympics have four different types of code of ethics. There are ethics for athletes, volunteers, coaches, and medical services. The code of conduct for Coaches (employees) are respect for others, ensure a positive experience, act professionally and take responsibility for own actions, quality service to the athletes, and health and safety of athletes. It is disseminated to employees through a contract of agreements. They expect all coaches to honor sports and special Olympics. The coaches’ style of coaching is shaped through this code of conducts. Their style of leading is charismatics leadership.




Information gathered from the Textbook Applied Sport Management Skills




SES 465 – LAB #2

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2. Does management lead by example? How are ethical behaviors encouraged? How are the rules enforced?


The special Olympics management leads by example and by proving clear rules of what is expected from everyone including their customers. Ethical behaviors and rules are encouraged through an agreement by contract and also my providing a positive environment.








Social Responsibility


1. On which level of social responsibility does the organization operate? Identify some of the things it does to be a good corporate citizen.


The special Olympics social responsibility they operate on is through the power of sports by encouraging and empowering people with intellectual disabilities, promoting, acceptance for all, and fostering communities of understanding and respect.








I n-Class Application

Choose one (10-30 minutes):

Break into groups of three to five members and present your answers to the preceding questions.


Take a few minutes to write your answers to the following questions:

What did I learn from this experience? How will I use this knowledge?


I learned many things by researching the special Olympics organization. I learned many of their rules and expectations from everyone that is involved. I also learned how the special Olympics started. The founder realized that kids with disabilities were often left out during sports. She did not like that scene. She started doing camps in her backyard to empower kids with disability through sports.

I will use the knowledge the that I learned through my research by applying to the real world. It gave me a different perspective on kids and people with disabilities. In a way, it opened my eyes on what they are capable of doing.






As a class, discuss student responses.

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