Slavery and the Plantation System: Abolition, Anti-Slavery Movement, discussion help

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  1. If you’ve
    read the Foner text, you know who the most famous anti-slavery activists were.
    List two less-than-famous activists found
    on this site, describe them briefly, and discuss the reasons for their activism.
    If you wish to learn more about them and their reasons, you have the web at your
    fingertips. Please use it and cite whatever you
  2. How
    was anti-slavery sentiment popularized at this time? Take two instances at minimum, describe each
    carefully, and describe what audience each item was targeted for. Be specific.
    Do you think that each piece of propaganda was effective? Why or why
  1. In
    what way does this collection build upon what you learned in Foner’s text? Be
    specific, elaborating on each source.
  1. After
    your critical (i.e. questioning) examination of the documents on this site,
    after clicking on photographs to learn
    more and following the many hyperlinks on
    this site, what still confuses or mystifies you? What shocked you? What made you
    pause. Yes, slavery was peculiarly brutal, but go deeper. Your response to this
    exhibit is as important as what you found there, so note it. If you were bored
    or indifferent, why was this so?

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