social policy paper 1

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Hello this is a paper that will be divided between 4 people and it has 8 parts. The paper is 16 pages so each one has to do 2 parts which is 4 pages. We had to choose a policy that we are writing about. I will attach the link to the policy and you have to click pdf. I will send both links. It is the Violence against women Reauthorization act of 2013 and our policy that we are working on is only title 2 not the whole thing. SO we are only focusing on title two and if you click pdf it appears on page 28 it starts on page 28. Title two is improving services for victims of domestic violence….So just to be sure it is title 2 and I have the 4th and 6th part of the assignment. The part I have to write about is the Implementation and Impact of the Policy: How will the policy be implemented ? Will new programs be set up and funded? Who will benefit or win if the proposed policy is adopted? Who will lose by the proposed policy ? What are key unanticipated consequences of the proposed policy? And the second part is the costs associated with the policy: If the policy is adopted what fiscal costs are likely to occur ? If the policy is adopted, what social, environmental, or human resources costs are likely? What is the economic feasibility of the policy? I attached the rubric and the assignment so my part is only 4 and 6. You need to find like 3 sources and put 3 quotes. The sources have to be from a website that is in the US only and that is accurate and has good information. Try to do articles that are peer reviewed and do not use articles with .com. Make sure it is in APA format. Please refer to me if you have any questions about it as it is a long paper. So I will attach the assignment and it has all the parts on the bottom and also the rubric to see how we are graded. I will also attach the link to the general website of the policy and you can click pdf it is on page 28 TITLE two. The most important is to answer all the questions that are asked.……

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