Social PSYC Movie Assignment

PSYC 101: Social PSYC Movie Assignment

Please select one of the movies from the list uploaded into Moodle for PSYC 101. If you have seen a Movie with deep social issues that you prefer to write about, choose that one instead of one from my list.

After selecting the movie about which you would like to write, prepare a brief essay in Microsoft WORD. Your essay should be less than one page in length, typed and double-spaced, with 1” margins and regular font style and size (e.g., Times New Roman, 12 pt, or the equivalent). The essay must address all of the questions below in essay format with multiple paragraphs (do not just list or bullet your answers).

Essays less than ¾ page or longer than 1 page may result in point deductions. NOTE: Use your book and PPT notes from Ch. 11 to help with the concepts.

1. Provide a brief description or synopsis of the movie. Remember that copying the synopsis from another source (e.g., someone’s review of the movie) constitutes plagiarism – use your own words…

2. Identify and describe Social Psychology topics illustrated in the film. Examples may include: self-esteem, attributions, attitude change, attraction, friendship, love, aggression, group behaviors, prejudice/discrimination/stereotypes, conformity, compliance, and/or obedience. Give brief statements of how two or three Social Psychology topics were illustrated in the film (do not just list them).

3. Describe what you consider to be the “turning point” in the film from the standpoint of social psychology. This may include a major change in social relationships, a character who learns a valuable lesson, or an obvious incident involving one of the Social Psychology topics.

4. Briefly describe what you liked most and disliked most about this film? (You must identify something!)

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