HW 5

1) Create the MVCCalculator Java application using the four files provided below. You can use NetBeans or you can use a text editor and a java compiler in command line mode. Run the program and make sure that it works.

2) Develop a test plan to check if the program has any faults. List such faults if you find them.

2) Press the “Calculate” button when only one number or no numbers have been entered. Examine how exception handling is used in this example and comment on it.

3) Examine how the window panel is created, and which class was used, and comment on it.

4) Comment on the purpose of the controller in the MVC architectural pattern.

5) Propose any improvements or modifications to the program that you think would make it more useful.


An MS Word file containing screen shots showing that you ran the program and answers to the questions above.

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