Standardized Tests

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Standardized Testing vs. Authentic Assessment

Proponents of standardized testing argue that schools must be
held personally accountable for the achievement of every student. 
Standardized tests are the simplest and most effective tool for measuring
student progress and teacher success across the nation.

argue that while schools should take
student achievement seriously, they should not be penalized for students who do
not meet state determined achievement goals, as long as students make progress.
Furthermore, standardized assessment is not an accurate reflection of teacher

Based on your experience in early childhood
education, and additional research, choose a side in this debate and argue
either for or against the use of standardized test scores to determine teacher

In your answer be sure to include the following:

  1. Clearly state your position.
  2. Discuss developmentally
    appropriate educational practices in your response.
  3. Cite research to support your
  4. Avoid generalizing and instead
    cite specific examples (these may include personal experiences from your
  5. Suggest an alternative form of
    assessment that is authentic and developmentally appropriate.
  6. Cite at least two


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