Start of the Project Selection Process

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“Start of the Project Selection Process” Please respond to the following:

  • Watch this video on a project versus business as usual at (3 min 43 s), and then select a project for the purpose of completing the writing assignments of this course. For now, share the ideas you have in mind for the intended project(s) with your classmates. Next, respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts and comment on their potential project ideas. Alternatively, you may opt to create a video for this purpose. Note: Ensure that you can develop enough information to thoroughly cover the project topic (i.e., select a project that is of a good size, not too large or too small).

Project idea. Remember 1. The
project must have stakeholders. 2. The project must have definite start
and end-dates. 3. The project must have defined milestones with
specific delivery dates. 4. Every task must have a start and finish
date. 5. The project must have a predetermined budget. 6. The project
must have a team. The team should be at least three individuals. The
team can include friends, family, co-workers, and/or subcontractors. 7.
Project tasks must have assigned resources (cost, time, and team
member). General notes to consider. You are the project manager for your
project and the project sponsor. Therefore, you cannot delegate the
project to someone else such as a contractor. All scheduling and
resource allocations are your responsibility. While you can use a
subcontractor, you must include their project plan within your project

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